How to keep jumper wires tight

Scott here from Salem. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep the jumper wires tight into the Arduino or motor contoller? At times they wiggle loose causing all kinds of problems. I thought about hot glue, but that would make it more permanent than I want. As of now, I am just using electrical tape, which doesn’t work very well.

Hello, Scott.

I’m sorry you are having trouble with the jumper wires. Were you having trouble with the female ends or male ends or both?

My advice only applies to the female ends of the jumper wire, which you are probably connecting to your motor controller. Maybe someone else has advice for the male end.

I once noticed that the female ends of some of my jumper wires were very loose. The problem was that I had been connecting them to the male pins in one of our Addressable LED strips, and those male pins are larger than normal male header pins. To fix the looseness of the female pins, I removed the black plastic housing and pressed two little metal flaps inwards towards the other side of the pin:

You should not have to do this for every single jumper wire you buy, but if something happens to the jumper wire that pushes the flaps outward then you would need to do it.