How to integrate C++ API in to custom app to use Tic 36v4


I am planning to use the Tic 36v4 stepper motor driver with my custom c++ app which is written using the toolkit on macOS.
I see the c++ api example you so generously supplied. Pololu - 12.11. Example code using the C++ API

But it says:

If you have compiled the Tic software from source and installed it on a Unix-like system (including MSYS2 on Windows), and copied the code below to a file named code.cpp , you should be able to compile the code below by running this command in a shell:

Do you know what steps need to be taken to integrate your API calls in to a macOS c++ app?

I did download and run the pololu-tic-1.8.1-macos.pkg

I know I could use a USB to Serial adapter and connect to the Tic via the RX TX pins, but I am hoping to take advantage of all the features your API offers.

Thank you,

Hello, Stephan.

For the purposes of those instructions, macOS is a Unix-like operating system. The Tic software source code comes with a file named with macOS-specific instructions that help you compile and install the software.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


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Thank you.

The driver arrived and it works with the Pololu Tic Stepper Motor Controller but I have problems compiling the Pololu-tic-software has this been tested on a macOS M1 ? · Issue #8 · pololu/pololu-tic-software · GitHub which I assume I need in order to then call it from my custom c++ app.

Can you help?
Thank you so much.