How to increase accuracy of multiple VL53L0x sensor

i want to count rectangular block using vl53l0x , block width is 16mm please find attached excel in that i mention 20 reading at particular distance for 5 vl53lox sensor ,at particular distance i found different different distance how to accurate those.

how to do SPADs calibration,Temperature calibration ,Offset calibration,Cross Talk calibration please provide information.

VL53L0X.xlsx (15.9 KB)


We do not have any specific advice for calibrating sensors like that, but you might look through ST’s technical documentation for the sensor for information on calibration. The “VL53L0X ranging module cover window guidelines” document has some information crosstalk compensation if you are using cover lenses for the sensors.

It does look like you are trying to measure the number of blocks in the rows of your device. You should be aware that the VL53L0X has a conical field of vision that is 20 to 30 degrees wide. You might need to do some testing to verify the sensor for a row is not actually measuring the distance a much taller stack of objects in the row above or below.