How to get MinIMU-9 v5 to only get Acceleration data?

So I have bought this MinIMU-9 v5 Sensor.

I am using the MinIMU9AHRS example code, but this code is giving me a lot of values that I dont know how to interpret.

I only want acceleration data, is there any to get that?

Rather than use the AHRS example code, just use this library:


An example sketch is available that shows how to use the library. You can access it from the Arduino IDE by opening the “File” menu, selecting “Examples”, and then selecting “LSM6”. If you cannot find the example, the library was probably installed incorrectly and you should retry the installation instructions above.

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Hi, Yes I have tried this sketch. I am confused with the output I am getting, anyway to inter pert in m/s?

The device data sheet explains how to interpret the raw units for acceleration, which depends on the sensitivity or full scale setting. Download from the product page.

But a great hint is that any sensor axis pointing straight up or down will report an acceleration of +/- “1 g” or 9.8 m/s^2.