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How to disable HID with A-Star?


I’m using Arduino 1.6.7 to program to a Pololu A-Star 32U4. I am then using an Android device with an On-The-Go cable to talk to the A-Star over serial. However when connecting the A-Star to any new Android device it acts as a usb keyboard and disables Android’s soft keyboard. I would like to disable the HID option. Any suggestions?




I am sorry you are having trouble using your A-Star 32U4 with your Android device. In version 1.6.6 of the Arduino software, the USB code was changed so that the A-Star will only appear to be a keyboard if you write #include <Keyboard.h> in your sketch. Are you sure that your A-Star is appearing as a keyboard even after you program it from the Arduino software? Just to make sure that your code is not the problem, could you try loading the Blink example (which can be found in File -> Examples -> 01.Basics -> Blink) and see if you still have the problem?

You can also look at the USB descriptors of the A-Star to see whether it appears as a keyboard, but the method for doing that depends on what operating system you are using. What operating system are you using to develop the A-Star code?




Thanks for your reply. I think I might have figured this out. I’ll report back if I have any other problems.