How to control several Stepper Motor with several A4988 driver?

Hi everybody,
I’m doing a project for my traineeship and I need to control several Stepper Motor (Nema 17, 12V, 350mA, 200 steps/rep), for that I’m using one A4988 driver for each Stepper Motor.
For the moment, I made a circuit with pushbuttons which control the position of one Stepper Motor and it’s working.
But, (otherwise it’s not funny :roll_eyes:) when I want to connect the second Stepper Motor with another A4988 driver, I wire everything like the first one, and this is not working, it’s not a voltage issue because the first one is still working.
I thought it could be my code but I tried to wire the output pins of the second Stepper Motor (STEP and DIR) instead of the output pins of the first Stepper but my second Stepper is still not working.
I have verified the wiring but I did exactly the same for the two steppers and drivers.
Can someone explain me why it’s not working when I wire a second stepper and driver and how could I change that :slight_smile:
Thanks for reading and have a nice day

Post the code, using code tags, and explain how you have wired the setup (or post a clear photo showing all the wiring).

You must assign separate pins for STEP and DIR for each motor, and the pin assignments in the code have to match.

To what value have you set the current limit on the motor drivers?