How to control a 33GB-520-18.7 Motor

I’m trying to get a TS100 tank chassis to operate from an Arduino board. I understand that the black and red wires of the motors will power them but how do you use the other 4 wires? Thanks, Dwight

Hello, Dwight.

I am not familiar with the TS100 tank chassis, but from your description and a brief internet search, it looks like it probably uses brushed DC motors with quadrature encoders. If you do want to use the quadrature encoders for feedback, I recommend checking with the manufacturer or retailer you got it from to see if you can get a pinout description. For example, this listing for the TS100 Shock Absorber Tank Chassis on Seeed Studio has a pinout description at the end of the Product Details heading.

Otherwise, you can generally ignore the encoder connections.


Hi Brandon,
Thanks for the response. I’m a beginner at these units and am not sure how to use the hall sensors and you are right I could ignore the encoder but thought it would be interesting to work with them. I’ll continue studying this kit. Thanks for the help.