How to connect multiple sensors on different buses (Teensy 4.1)

Hi, I have 3 AltIMU-10 V5 modules that I want to connect to the teensy 4.1 micro-controller. How can I setup the I2C buses for connection?


As mentioned on the product page for the AltIMU-10 v5 under the “I2C Communication” header, all of the sensors on the AltIMU have two possible addresses. You can switch the sensors from the default address to the alternate address by driving the SA0 pin low (i.e. connecting it to GND). The Teensy 4.1 has three I2C ports, so you could either connect each AltIMU to its own port, or you could connect two AltIMUs to one port (setting up one to use the alternate address) and the third AltIMU to another port.

- Patrick

Thank you so much Patrick! Will try it out ASAP.