How to connect motor controller to micro serial servo contro

I am new to robotics and have an Arduino Uno board, a Pololu micro serial servo controller and a Pololu dual serial motor controller. I have attached the motor controller to the arduino uno board and have that running with two motors ( connected 6V battery pack to motor supply and ground, 3.3V on Arduino to logic supply, Tx on Arduino to serial control input, Digital pin 2 to reset on the motor controller and motors to remaining 4 pins). I would now like to attach the serial servo controller but am unsure how to wire it to my current set up - any one help?


I recommend getting your serial servo controller working with your Uno first, then you could daisy chain both serial controllers by connecting the TX from your Uno to both devices. If you run into trouble adding the device, let me know.


Jon - thanks for that - I will do that and let you know. I guess that I was not sure about connecting multiple boards to the TX pin on the UNO - I was not sure how each knew the commands were for them - I am guessing that is what the device ID in the command sequence does.


Have worked out the wiring OK now and proved that both servo and motors now work together - thanks

I am glad you got them working together! Thanks for letting us know.