How to configure serial ports in Astar 328pb

I have a 328pb that I need to have access a serial port (other than programming) and previously used AltSoftsSerial. In that package - pins 8 & 9 seem to be ‘hardcoded’ as TX/RX. How can I use the “new” second serial port on the 328pb so I can assign whatever pins are valuable, and perhaps not need AltSoftSerial. Actually have found NO info on how to use/config this port in the 328PB. Hints would be helpful!

=Alan R.

Hello, Alan.

In the Arduino IDE, you can use the Serial1 object to access the A-Star 328PB’s second USART (USART1). You can find this information under the “ATmega328PB support in the Arduino IDE” section of the A-Star 328PB user’s guide.

- Amanda

Thanks - I finally stumbled across the info in your docs, knew I had seen it somewhere… :woman_facepalming: