How to configure Maestro channel input via serial commands

On page 43 of the Maestro manual, it says the serial interface implements a “Get Position” command that can be used to read the value of a channel when it’s configured as an input. However, there’s no corresponding serial command to actually set a channel to an input, or even enable a channel. Am I missing something?

How do you enable a channel and configure it as an input via the serial commands?


The mode of the Maestro channels cannot be configured through serial commands. The easiest way to configure them is through the Maestro Control Center. Alternatively, the UscCmd utility can take a Maestro settings file as an input and apply the settings to the Maestro, but it is not particularly easy to write or edit a Maestro settings file manually. UscCmd uses the Maestro’s native USB interface rather than the virtual COM ports. The source code for it is in C# and can be found in the Pololu USB SDK.

A channel configured as an input is always enabled. For channels configured as “Servo”, you can enable the channel by sending it a “Set Target” command and disable it by sending a “Set Target” command with a target position of 0.