How to?/CodeBlocks/Arduino IDE and the QRT Sensors Library

I would like to use this Library in the CodeBlocks:Arduino IDE . The forum ( CB:Arduino Dev) for it says it should work the same as the Arduino IDE, just put the file in the Library folder. But it’s not working, and I don’t have the knowledge to figure it out. Anyone have advice or has accomplished this?



We do not have any experience with the CodeBlocks Arduino IDE, but you might try restarting the IDE after the library is in the correct location. This is a common fix in the Arduino IDE. Also, make sure that you have decompressed the “” file and dragged the folder named “QTRSensors” into the correct libraries directory.

A quick Google search also brought me to this forum post that briefly describes two ways to include a custom library with the CodeBlocks Arduino IDE.

If you have tried all of this and it is still not working correctly, you might also try posting on the CodeBlocks Arduino IDE forum thread.