How to charge 8 AA rechargeable batteries from inside a bot?

Dear: Pololu

Just to let you know recently I’ve bought a ton of AA batteries that are rechargeable from Pololu. I built a robot that is being powered by 8 of them and I am trying to figure out how to recharge them. What circuit would you use to prevent the batteries from exploding? How would you suggest connecting the robot to a wall socket to charge? The reason I am asking this is because the way the wiring and stuff is setup in my robot you would have to unwire everything to recharge the batteries and that is just not practical. Thank you.

From: Noah

The charging action required depends on the battery chemistry, which you forgot to mention.

It is straightforward to charge NiMH batteries. The simplest approach is a constant current “C/20” but faster methods are possible, if you are willing to monitor the battery voltage, or implement a shut off timer.

Everything you need to know is at

Dear: Jim

Sorry they were pololu AA batteries. I bought 8 of them and put them in a battery pack. Thank you I’ll check out that link.

From: Noah