How to buy Pololu Carrier with Sharp GP2Y0D810Z0F Digital Di

hi every one
i live in vietnam
now i need 20pcs Pololu Carrier with Sharp GP2Y0D810Z0F Digital Distance Sensor 10cm
so can U help me to buy that
it is best if i can buy in vietnam or china directly
my email:
my website:
my Y!m:


Have you seen our distributors page? Looks like we don’t have any distributors in Vietnam or mainland China, but we have some in Taiwan and a few others in Asia. You’ll have to check with them to see what they have in stock. You should also be able to order directly from our web site with shipping to Vietnam.

- Jan

why dont U get a distributor in vietnam
the market in vietnam is so wide
now i will consider to find the way to buy it
thank you very much
best reguards

and i want to know how to become ur distributor
my website is :
so if i want to be ur distributor , what do i need to do

I’ve passed on your request to the appropriate person, she will be contacting you directly.

- Jan

please can you also send me information to be a distributor, I am from Bolivia, thank you.


Please email us with your request and more information about your operation.