How to build lfr


am a new to robotics but want to make a line follower can i use the baby orangutan b 328 to make one .
and does it work with arduino platform .
can i directly connect motors and sensors on to it with out making any complicated circuits out of it i have minimal knowledge about making circuits.

thank you for any help,


It is possible for one to make a line follower using a Baby Orangutan, and the Baby Orangutan can be programmed from the Arduino environment (though I personally recommend using AVR Studio and the Pololu AVR libraries as described in the Baby Orangutan user’s guide). Or did you mean something else by “work with the Arduino platform”?

You can connect motors directly to the Baby Orangutan if they are appropriate for the Baby Orangutan’s drivers. Many sensors can be connected directly to the Baby Orangutan as well, though the nature of the connection (and any required external circuitry) will depend on the sensor.

From your questions, I get the feeling that this might be somewhat of an ambitious project for you. Have you considered starting with something like our pre-built 3pi robot, which is like a Baby Orangutan that is already connected to appropriate motors and sensors for line-following?

- Ben