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How to attach to the motor output shaft?

Hello. You sell engines to various manufacturers. The shaft is exposed from the engine. Round shaft, no holes. Metal. How can you attach something to it? Not from an amateur’s point of view only, but from a professional one. How serious organizations do - like LG or Samsung, for example. If possible, with pictures of the connection and with a description, if you know how to do it. You can write several options.

The most common way to attach devices to shafts like the ones on our motors is probably to use some sort of shaft adapter that uses set screws to fix the adapter to the shaft, such as our Pololu Universal Mounting Hubs. Of course, a connection like this usually requires occasional maintenance as the set screws could loosen over time (though using a little bit of thread locker can significantly improve that aspect).

As far as what methods are used in products with the most strenuous requirements, I can only really speculate, but I suspect the ideal methods are to press fit attachments onto the shafts and/or use different output shafts styles that are better suited for more robust types of connections (e.g. hex shafts or keyed shafts). Alternatively, some manufacturers probably make custom output shafts so that the shaft and the desired attachment are literally the same part.

- Patrick

How did you attach this long thread to the shaft? You can show? In a photo or video.

We are not the manufacturer of this stepper motor, so our knowledge of the internal construction is limited, and we do not have photos or videos to share. Our understanding is that stepper motor’s rotor and threaded rod are specially designed to press fit together.

- Patrick