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How to attach gearbox to motor

I have two motors - pololu 1120 which comes with a gear box and pololu 1592 which comes without gearbox. Box are same size so can theoreticaly use the same gearbox. However, the one with gearbox (1120) has a small plastic gear attached to its round shaft. I could not take take the gear off and place it on the 1592 to put the motor into the gearbox. How to solve the issue? I don’t see a similar gear for a 2mm shaft on pololu.


The pinion gear is pressed onto the motor, but it should not be too difficult to remove. (We just tried it out with one here and were able to remove the gear using a flat head screwdriver as a wedge between the gear and the motor body.) However, since that connection is depending on a press fit, I would avoid repeatedly removing and reattaching the pinion gear.

Unfortunately, we do not have replacement pinion gears.

- Patrick

Hi Patrick, thank you for this. Would pololu have a 3d printable file to print such a small gear that can be shared. I will understand if you cannot share it due to IP, Worst case scenario Ill redraw something similar in CAD. Best lukasz

We do not disclose specific design information about these gears. All of the information we publish is available on the product page.

- Patrick