How to 180 degree in Mini SSC mode


I have read the manual and looked on the forum but I still donot under stand how to set the ‘Full 180 degree rotation’ in MIni SSC mode.

It says to add 8 to the servo number but that only changes the servo which moves not its range, so I guess that I have missed something important?

Does this have to be set in The Control Centre or is this done in my program.



What servo controller do you have? We do not sell one with both a Mini SSC Mode and a Control Center.


Hi Paul,

I have the 18-channel Mini Maestro.

I am trying to write some simple programs in PureBasic to allow me to control the servos with a game pad.
I was trying to do two versions

  1. using SSC control codes
  2. using Pololu Protocol Codes

I have them both working but I was trying to add in as many control codes as possible.

Thanks Leo


It sounds like you have been reading the instructions for one of our older servo controllers instead of the Maestro User’s Guide. The Maestro servo controllers all support the Mini SSC protocol, but they do not require a special “mode”, and all configuration is done in the Control Center.

The section on Channel Settings describes the parameters you need to know. Specifically, to get 180 degrees out of your servo using the Mini SSC Protocol, here is what I would recommend:

  1. Expand the Min and Max parameters to go from 250 to 2750us and apply settings.
  2. If possible, supply your servos with a very low voltage (e.g. 3V), just enough that they can barely move, so that they are likely to be too weak to damage themselves.
  3. On the status tab, slowly drag the control for a servo towards each extreme of its motion, stopping as soon as the servo stops turning or if you hear it straining.
  4. Set Min and Max to values within this range.
  5. Set 8-bit neutral to (Min+Max)/2.
  6. Set 8-bit range to (Max-Min)/2.
  7. Apply settings, and try controlling the servos with the Mini SSC protocol.