How long does it take to upload in Arduino?

I’m trying out my first test program for 3pi via Orangutan USB Programmer. While uploading OrangutanBlinkExample to the IO Board, it seems to be stuck. I disconnected after more than 10 minutes. There are no error messages (until I disconnected the OUSBP). Should I have been more patient or should I be troubleshooting already?


Uploading your program shouldn’t take more than a few seconds, so something was definitely wrong. Did you configure the Arduino environment to work with the Orangutan USB programmer? Was your 3pi turned on while you were trying to program it? Did the power turn off in the middle of programming? Does the 3pi still have the original demo program on it?

- Ben

Yes, all systems are powered on. Demo program on the 3pi is still working. Green status light on the Organutan USB Programmer is on. Jumper on the Organutan has been switched to the “U” position. Device Manager in Windows indicate that COM5 / Pololu device is functioning normally. All setup/changes to Arduino v12 has been made. Tools --> Board --> Orangutan Programmer has been selected in Arduino. Tools --> Serial --> COM5 has been selected. Still, uploads are stuck.

In the “console” on the bottom of Arduino, I see the following message repeated many times:

avrdude: stk500_2_ReceiveMessage(): Timeout

Any ideas?

I think your problem can be explained by the position of the jumper on the programmer. When you put the jumper in the “U” position, you are selecting for “USB-to-serial-adapter mode”. To program your 3pi, you need to use it as a programmer, which requires putting it in the “P” position. Was there something confusing in our documentation that made you think you needed to move the jumper from its default position?

- Ben

That’s it. Thanks a lot.
Reason I had put the jumper to the “U” position is that the documentation kept referring to the programmer as the USB-Serial Adapter. In the first section for “Using the USB Programmer: Begin by following the USB-to-serial adapter driver installation instructions. Make sure you install the driver before you connect your programmer to the computer. The USB adapter will install as two devices (USB device and COM port)…” Furthermore, in section 3 for “Programming Orangutans and the 3pi from the Arduino Environment” it says, in the yellow text box, “The Orangutan USB programmer can serve as such a USB-to-serial adapter if you switch the mode jumper.” All this sounded to me like I needed to switch the jumper to “U” instead of “P.” Thanks for identifying the problem.

I’m glad to hear you got it working! I’m sorry for any confusion the wording in our documentation caused you.

- Ben