How fast does the m3pi robot spin at full speed?

Hi everybody,
I am a new user of the m3pi robot and I wish to create a program that could write anything by spinning in place and using the Leds. In order to do that I need some specifics informations about the speed of the wheels at full speed or the time to do a complete spin at full speed. I hope someone could help me to find an answer or a way to find it.
I have already try to record the robot with a HD camera to estimate this but it’s not very precise.

ps: I am sorry for my English but I am not a native English.

The value I find is 0.234 sec to do a full spin a full speed.


The spin rate you measured seems reasonable. If you do a theoretical calculation from the free-run speed of the motors at 9.25V and the diameters of the wheels (32 mm) and robot (94 mm), you get an approximate maximum rotation rate of 230 RPM, or 0.26 s per rotation.

- Ben


When we were developing the m3pi, we made a spinning message that says “HELLO”. I shared the POV program on the mbed website. It looks like the rotation time we figured out then was close to what you got.

- Ryan

Thank you very much it works now and I will probably share the code when finished.