How easy to convert Arduino library to Wixel?

I would like to buy two Wixels; one to connect to my iMac & the second to connect to an IBM Trackpoint (a PS/2 mouse pointing device).
Currently the following library works well, with the PS/2 pins (on the TrackPoint) TP_DATA, TP_CLK, RESET connected to digital pins on a Arduino or Teensy.

This is the library & example code:
It works well as a USB mouse.

I would like to now use this mouse HID over Wireless USB with two Wixels.
Is this going to be possible, is it an easy task?

If it isn’t easy, would anyone in Pololu support be able to assist, please?

My apologies if this is a dumb question (I have no experience with Wixels yet)


I do not think it would be very easy to convert that library to use with the Wixel. You might be able to write your own Wixel app that would do what you want. You might consider looking at the “Wireless Tilt Mouse App” to see how it works.


thanks for your reply BrandonM,

2 questions:

[quote=“BrandonM”]You might consider looking at the “Wireless Tilt Mouse App” to see how it works.[/quote][1] I took a look inside the wireless-tilt-mouse-receiver-v1.0.wxl - it is all in hex, is the source available?

[quote=“BrandonM”]I do not think it would be very easy to convert that library to use with the Wixel.[/quote][2] Instead of trying to convert the library, how about using another microcontroller board that the library already works on, and using the wixels for wireless & HID mouse emulation (maybe that is a bit overkill).
If I have this TrackPoint device & library already working with another microcontroller (via wired USB), say for example a Teensy 3.1, can I use 2 wixels to turn this into a wireless USB solution, easily?
One Wixel connected to a computer via usb, and the second Wixel attached to a Teensy microcontroller board (that runs the TrackPoint library, and has the Trackout attached).

The source code for all of the example Wixel apps can be found in the Wixel SDK. A download link for the Pololu Wixel Development Bundle as well as a link to documentation on the Wixel SDK can be found in the “Getting Started in Windows” section of the Wixel User’s Guide.

Adding Wixels to your current system as you mentioned is another option.


Hello BrandonM,
Can you expand on this please? Are there any docs of how to this, or can you give me an overview?

There are multiple ways you could try adding Wixels to your current setup. For example, you might be able to write an app that does wireless serial communication and have the receiving Wixel process that information before sending appropriate signals to the computer. I am not very familiar with your setup, so I do not have a suggestion for the best way to go about doing it. It is up to you to decide what information to send between the Wixels and how to interpret and use that information once it is received.