How does this product work?


To know what I am reffering to, open the link to the Product version from Pololu’s website:

While seeing the video of how it is built you got to see most of the Components that the robot consisted of. The robot is premade to be able to walk and dance for example. But how are these actions toggled via Bluetooth? What Components are used to fulfill this goal?

I am curious to know because im eager to build a unique (humanoid robot) one myself, however I can barely find any guidance on the internet that lets me fulfill this goal. Therefor I am wondering what Components it uses so I can learn and adapt it to my own plans.

Based on my knowledge I need: Servos, a Servocontroller and something to wirelessly controll it with in order to build one myself. On the other hand, I saw that the XYZ robot had more Components than servos and a servocontroller. But which are these Components? But most importantly what lets it be wirelessly commanded and how does that specific Component communicate with the rest? For quite some time I have been looking for answers regarding these questions.

So thanks for helping.


I think you should learn about programmable microcontrollers, which are key components used in this scale of robotics. Microcontrollers have the ability to read various signals and control other electronic devices. For example, you could write a script that sends a standard RC servo signal, upload it to a microcontroller, and have the microcontroller run the script to command the movement of the servo once it is powered. You should also be aware that there are various communication protocols, like I2C, TTL serial, or SPI. Various sensors or devices (like a pair of Bluetooth-capable devices) use various communication interfaces, and microcontrollers generally have the ability to use many of those interfaces to talk to the sensors.

By the way, since you are so new to robotics, it might be quicker or easier to learn by directly talking to someone in person about how systems like these work. So, it could be worthwhile to look around for a local robotics club (you could try Meetup) or a hackerspace/makerspace near you.