How do I script servo movement w/ target values?

I am trying to write a script to control movement of my servos. I have determined min/max parameters, and tried to use different commands to move the servos. I want to use the target position values found in the status, and channel settings tabs of the control center. It seems that all the example scripts I have seen, servo movement is controlled by different values. Is it possible to use the values found in the status and channel settings tab? And if so, how do the command lines look? If not, how do I convert the target values to control the servos? I have moved the servos utilizing the save frame feature, but I do not want to continue doing this, as I would like to write it out in the script. Thank you!


I spoke with you on the phone regarding these questions, but I will post the answer here for others to see as well. Under the “Status” tab of the Maestro Control Center, the units are displayed as microseconds, while the script uses units of quarter microseconds. To convert the units you see in the “Status” tab to values you can use in your script, you can simply multiply by 4. For example, a neutral target position of 1500 microseconds in the “Status” tab corresponds to a target of 6000 in a Maestro script.