How do I compile

How do I upload an app like the servo library(posted by someone else) to wixel


If you have a .WXL file you can just load it onto the Wixel using the Wixel Configuration Utility described in the User’s Guide. If you need to compile the app from source, you should probably read the “Writing Your Own Wixel App” section of the User’s Guide. Note that you do not need to install Eclipse to compile apps; it is totally optional.

Let me know if you have any questions or run into any trouble.

- Ryan

Another question what type of diode would reduce voltage from arduino uno to voltage suitable for the wixel , I trying to do this on low budget.


I would generally recommend using a voltage divider rather than diodes, but the appropriate circuit will depend on the type of connection you are making. Our Wixel shield makes it easy to connect a Wixel to your Arduino, but you can use the schematic as an example for making your own similar connections without the shield.

- Ben