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How can multiple SMCs be controlled separately

Please, how do I individually (separately) control three daisy-chained Simple Motor Controllers SMCs (Pololu item 1365: High-Power Simple Motor Controller G2 24v12). I want to control the SMCs separately, i.e., motor 1 on SMC 13 half speed counterclockwise, motor 2 on SMC 14 clockwise half speed, motor 3 on SMC 15 counterclockwise full speed?

I am using an Arduino Uno with three SMCs. The Device numbers have been changed, 13 (master), 14, 15.
I am using #include <SoftwareSerial.h>

Arduino toggles pin 5 to transmit data to and monitor pin 3 to receive transmissions from attached devices like the SMC.
I am also using

smcSerial.write(0xAA); //This lets all of the attached devices know that this is the start of a Pololu protocol command packet
smcSerial.write(0x0D); //This lets device number 13 (0x0D in hex) know that it is the target of the command (and lets all other devices know they do not respond to the command)
smcSerial.write(0x03); //This is the specific command to tell the addressed device to exit safe-start

Again, thank you.

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