Higher voltage step down regulators

You have some wonderful and nicely priced step down switching regulators but the ones that produce high current (d15V70F5S3 and D15V35F5S3) have a max input rating of 24v, which is a really awkard limit because it eliminates them from usage in 6S lipo applications or 24V SLA applications. The next step up (42 V max input) work, but none produce high enough current.

Would it be possible to push the max input voltage to 28 or 29 V? That would open a whole new set of applications for these regulators!

If the lowered overall efficiency does not pose a serious problem, you can always add high current Zener diodes between the power source and the switching regulator input.


There is no way to increase the maximum input voltage of those regulators. However, we are working on expanding our selection of regulators, and there are higher voltage ones in the works.


Jim: I thought of putting a few diodes but a 3V drop at 7Amp maximum is 21W, too much waste in the worst cases scenario.

Claire: Understood - just pointing out the awkward limit. Look forward to seeing the new devices!

By the way - I posted this on a separate forum (‘Other products’) but is it possible to get exact coordinates for the .1" holes in the regulators? The outline dimensions and mounting hole spacing is not enough to build a PCB that allows direct soldering of these guys on top.