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High-velocity precise winch system


I’m building an art project, which requires to lift and lower approximately 2kg load attached to a cable 10 meters.

The main requirements are:

a) precise. Need to know where the object is currently located (1mm precision let’s say).

b) dynamic. It should have good acceleration and speed (~1m/s) and fast breaking.

I have extensive experience with programming, but my electro-mechanical knowledge is limited.

I was reading about different solutins: DC gear motor, Stepper motor, Reductors. However I can’t figure out what is the best setup in my case. I would prefer to buy pre-built solution, but can build my own as well.

Basically any advice would be very welcome.


ps. something very similar to this


We do not have any pre-build products like that. Some of our products might be useful for making your own device for that application, but it is beyond the scope of our support to offer help with project design or implementation. However, once you get to a point in your design process where you have specific design constraints for your individual components (e.g. when you know how much torque and rotational speed you need from your motor), let us know and we might be able to offer more specific suggestions then.

- Patrick

The Winch 1 you linked appears to fit your rather exacting requirements.

For someone with limited “electro-mechanical knowledge”, it would be very, very difficult and time consuming to build such a device and have it meet those requirements. But it would be an excellent learning experience.


Got it - thanks!
So it’s better if I search for a out-of-the-box solution.