[High-Torque Servo with Metal Gears (Generic)] Broken?

I recently bought 20 of the “High-Torque Servos with Metal Gears (Generic).” The servos seem to be built well, except…

The PID circuit seems to not work. I hooked up a few of the servos to a Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB Servo Controller (which I have successfully used to control other servos), and the servos seem to respond roughly once every second (rather than constantly holding their position).

More specifically, I think the behavior is this: once the servos reach their commanded position, they seem to “turn off” for roughly a second and then they come back on. I am powering them with a 5V 2A power supply, so I don’t think current draw is a problem.

Are the servos broken? I have had no trouble using other servos in the past, and I know the controller works. Thanks!


How many servos are you trying to drive at once? 2A might not be enough depending on how many you are driving. Can you look at your servo power voltage on an oscilloscope while running the servos?

- Ryan

I was only trying to drive one servo, but apparently my power supply was broken. I replaced it with some batteries and it worked fine. Thanks!