High performance DC motors for line follower robots

I’ve been designing my robot for a competition here in Brazil but the motors that the japanese use are way too expansive. I was really hoping to find another model that could serve as a replacement for those other models from Maxon or Faulhaber. Any suggestions? By the way, the most common used model is the Maxon DCX 10S. I know Pololu has their own dc motors, but they can’t achieve near the RPM that I want.


I am not that familiar with Maxon or Faulhaber motors, but after a quick look at the specifications for the particular model you mentioned (the Maxon DCX 10S), its performance seems somewhat similar to what we would expect if you took one of our 6V low-power (LP) Micro Metal Gearmotors, removed the gearbox, and powered it from 9V. It is generally not practical to use our Micro Metal Gearmotors without the gearbox, but I suspect you would need some level of gear reduction anyway if you want to use your motors to drive a robot. You might also consider powerful options; here is a link to our entire family of Micro Metal Gearmotors.

By the way, the nominal voltages for our Micro Metal Gearmotors are either 6V or 12V; we do not have any motors specifically designed for operation at 9V. However, these kinds of motors can be used at voltages above and below their nominal voltage. Higher voltages will result in proportionally higher speeds and more torque but can negatively affect the lifetime of the motor and can also put the motor at higher risk of catastrophic failure when exposed to excessive loads.

- Patrick

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