Hexapod using Mini Maestro 18 + Micro Controller


just thought i’d share my first test of my hexapod, using Mini Maestro 18 and BX-24, i’m not using IK, but something i came up with i call Proportional Positioning, it’s up on a block so it’s not moving, it’s not calibrated, and the calculations still need tweaking, and just running 3 cycles… but have a look if your interested…

test 1

test 2

Lovely; well done!

:slight_smile: thank you.

hi, just thought i’d add a clip of the head tracking program, again development is early on, you’ll see the IR always sees the object but can’t always lock back on (even more so at distance), the lock on part of the program isn’t needed for navigation and was just added for a bit of fun so i’m not that worried.

IR Head Tracking


It looked to me like it was always locking on. Is that because it is stopping at a resting point with its head in the right direction by coincidence? How does your searching and locking on work?

- Ryan

lol… i guess your right, me being a perfectionist expects it to get it on the first go, sometimes it needs a few goes, seeing something, going back to check if it saw something and not seeing it, but seeing it again on the next sweep and on.

;how it works, basically, the main loop calls the tracking sub, physically moving the servo side to side, taking a reading at each servo position. At each end of the sweep first it checks if there’s an object in range (if not it just keeps tracking side to side), if there is it goes back to that position and checks the distance value there matches the one stored, if so it loops until it doesn’t any more, then goes back to tracking looking for a new target.