Hexapod project issue


I am currently working on a project to make a hexapod (which I would like to control via bluetooth) but I have some questions and I would appreciate if someone helped me.

  1. I’m thinking about using a 24 ch maestro servo controller to control 18 servos (which have 8kg/cm torque), but I am wondering if is possible to connect a 7.4 V LiPo battery to the maestro to power all the servos directly. I mean, do I need any UBEC? And If I need any, is it better a single powerful UBEC or more smaller UBECs?

  2. I would like to control my hexapod with my android phone using bluetooth and I was thinking about buying a bluetooth module like RN-42. Is there any sketch that shows some code of the maestro controller linked to the BT module to receive commands from another device?

Thank you in advance.


You might be able to use the LiPo battery if you are using special servos that are designed for 7.4 V. If not, you will probably need to use a UBEC. It might be better to get a few smaller UBEC than one large UBEC to power all the servos. Also, I recommend powering your servos directly, rather than through the Maestro board.

Unfortunately, I do not have any recommendations for using an Android phone to communicate with the Maestro, and we do not have any examples.

- Jeremy