Here's a simulation of a biped robot I'm working on

I’m currently designing the controller software for a robot called the Autonomous Robot Mk 1, or AR-1. The video linked below shows a MATLAB/Simmechanics simulation of the controller in action. My intent is to build an open source machine as cheaply as possible, but with sophisticated behavior, like dynamic walking, as demonstrated here.

I just got the controller functioning as a proof of concept. In the video, the robot balances for a few seconds, then begins walking, the simulation is slowed down 4X. Have a look and stay tuned for updates!


Thanks for sharing. Have you planned out what parts you will be using in your design?

- Amanda

I’m prototyping one leg, implementing the hip joint in a cable driven, parallel, delta configuration. For that I’m using 3 [50:1 Metal Gearmotor 37Dx54L mm with 64 CPR Encoder] motors.

I’m using a [Power HD Standard Servo 3001HB] for the horizontal joint in the upper leg segment.

I’m using 2 [MMA7361LC 3-Axis Accelerometer ±1.5/6g with Voltage Regulator] to sense leg orientation.

PWM signal generation and computer communication are using parts from other vendors. I’ll post more info soon.

Cool! I am looking forward to your posts. It would be nice to see a demonstration of your robot in action once it is built.

- Amanda

Very Cool!