Help with SVP-1284 to OSMC ESC

Is the PWM output port for the SVP-1284 capable of controlling the OSMC ESC?


Generally, ESCs accept servo signals for control, so you could probably use one of the 8 servo outputs that uses the AVR’s hardware PWMs on the Orangutan SVP to control the ESC. Our AVR C/C++ library makes it easy to generate servo pulses. You can read more about generating servo signals with the Orangutan SVP in the “Orangutan Servo Control Functions” section of the Pololu AVR C/C++ Library user’s guide.

- Jeremy

Is it possible to change the pwm output frequency of the svp servo ports to 16khz? If yes may I know how?

It is unclear what you mean by change the servo ports to 16 kHz. Servo pulses range from about 1 ms to 2 ms, so it would not be possible to send servo signals at 16kHz. Could you tell me why you are trying to change the servo ports to 16 kHz?

- Jeremy

I am planning on using a OSMC motor controller from robot power. According to the schematics, I should not pulse out more than 16khz when all the FETs are installed.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, ESCs generally accept RC servo pules for control. Does the controller you are planning on using accept RC servo signals? Could you provide a link to the controller? If you are trying to send PWM signals to your controller, it might be easier to use the available PWM outputs (PB3 and PB4) on the Orangutan SVP.

- Jeremy