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Help with SparkFun MP3 Trigger

Hello, I am considering on purchasing the SparkFun MP3 Trigger for my audio-animatronics project, but I had a few questions before I buy it:

  1. What are some speakers that are recommended to work well with the MP3 Trigger?
  2. I have a rechargeable NiMH 6V battery pack powering the servos on my Mini Maestro 12. Will that be able to power the MP3 Trigger as well?
  3. Does the MP3 Trigger come with a cable to connect to the Mini Maestro 12? If not, how do I connect it?

Thank you to anyone that responds!


  1. We don’t have any specific suggestions for speakers, but the MP3 Trigger has a 1/8" (3.5mm) audio jack to connect to an amplifier and speakers, or directly to headphones. I’ve used it before with some small computer speakers with a built-in amplifier in the past and that seemed to work fine.

  2. The operating voltage range on the MP3 Trigger is 4.5-12V, so a 6V battery pack should work.

  3. No, the MP3 Trigger does not come with any wires or anything else specific for use with the Maestro. How you connect it depends on which interface you want to use. To trigger tracks from the Maestro, you could either use the TTL Serial interface (if you are using a Mini Maestro or controlling the Maestro from a separate controller through serial) or use the trigger inputs. To use the trigger inputs on the MP3 Trigger, you would need to dedicate a Maestro channel (configured as an output) to trigger each track you want played. You can find more information about the available interfaces and how to use them in the “MP3 Trigger hookup guide V24”, which you can find in the “Resources” tab of the MP3 Trigger’s product page.

Please note that to make connections to the MP3 Trigger, you will need to either solder wires directly to the board, or solder some male header pins to it and use jumper wires.