Help with Pololu RC Switch

I read through a couple of the other threads but it seems that nobody really answered this question yet. So I apologize if this was already solved.

This is for Product 752.

Here is my issue:

I have a 12V LED Strip that eats 400mAh. The LED Strip I want to control ON/OFF from the Pololu RC Switch … I understand that I can’t do this directly but with a Transistor. My knowledge is pretty ancient on Transistors, so I might need a refreshment and would like to ask if somebody can walk me through.

The whole thing would be powered using a 3S 11.1V LiPo… The LiPo also will power a BEC that provides 5V to the Switch.

I have this Transistor available: … 2222-d.pdf

So this would be my solution (which could be completely wrong):

Pololu Switch = PS

  1. Connect LiPo to BEC -> BEC to RC-Receiver -> RC-Receiver to PC
  2. Bridge PC VCC, so it’s powered from the RC Receiver
  3. Connect LiPo directly to the LED Strip
  4. LED Strip is connected to Transistor Collector and Emitter to Ground (NPN Transistor)
  5. Connect PC OUT to Transistor Base and GND to Emitter/Ground



Hm … seems to be more difficult … I just tried my solution and the RC Switch blew up :frowning:

Hello Andy,

I am sorry to hear that you damaged your RC switch. I think the easiest solution would be to use the version of our RC switch with the power MOSFET built-in: