Help with my animatronic worm!

Hi dudes

I’m building an animatronic worm, he sings, blinks and moves his eye brows so i need 3 servos, i’m completely new to the animatronic side of things, usually i’m a sculptor and molder, but i wanted to learn a bit more about this side of things, the puppet is for my own pleasure, i hope to take him on the street when he’s finished ! So i need 3 servos but i wanted to see if anyone can help me with how to power the servos.

The puppet is operated by 2 joysticks that move the head and body, the puppet is sat on top of a trash bin so all the servos will be hidden in there. I want to put a button on the top of each joystick that will move the mouth and brows when i press them, so a remote control button device that will activate the servos, what remote control button activated power packs are there out there that will do this ?

I also want a power pack that will activate the servo for the eye blinks on a timed interval out of my control, just so it goes off every 7 secs or so.

Have a look at my pictures of the puppet and controls (this is the mock up) :smiley: , any advice that could be given would be greatly appreciated.
thank you

p.s. the worm is called Aylmer and is from an old b movie called brain damage, heres a link to a clip if you haven’t seen it !


That sounds like a very interesting project. I recommend getting started by learning about servos and how they work. You can learn more by reading these blog posts on hobby servos. Our Maestro USB servo controllers should be capable of doing what you want, but you would have to determine if you have sufficient expertise to use it. I recommend watching the introductory video on the product page and reading through the user’s guide to see if that is something you would be comfortable using for your project.

- Grant