Help with model railroad project

I am trying to build a simple turntable using a 360 degree servo motor. I purchased a Maestro Micro based on seeing a video of this product. I downloaded the manual and the software and followed the instructions for installing the software and connecting the Maestro, power, servo and pushbutton. All I want the servo to do is slowly turn EXACTLY 180 degrees on activation (pushing a button) and stop. And then, on another trigger (pushing the same button) reverse and turn back 180 degrees and stop. What do I enter where in the Maestro Control Center? HELP!

Hello, Tom.

I moved your post to the “Servo controllers and servos” section of the forum since it is specific to the Maestro.

We are currently in an email chain with you about this same topic; please do not start multiple support inquiries when you are already being helped by a member of our technical support staff.

For others reading this, it sounds like you are using a continuous rotation servo, which cannot do precise position control like a normal servo. Two options could be switching to a 1-turn (or “sail winch”) servo, which can behave like a normal servo, but with an extended range, or using limit switches to determine where to stop the servo. Please note however that using limit switches would require a more complicated script and take an extra Maestro channel for each limit switch.