Help with MiniIMU9 and Arduino - Stabilized P/T platform

I am having some difficulty stabilizing my Sony block camera dual servo pan/tilt head. I have multiple analog, digital gyros and accelerometers, Wii controllers and a number of MinIMU-9’s

I have the pan/Tilt controlled by joystick, I need to mount the IMU atop the block camera to stabilize the camera from movement aside from joystick.(video -
I have the AHRS program which gives me the raw data from the MinIMU-9 (hooked up to 1 arduino uno) and the Pan/Tilt potentiometer joystick hooked up to the second Arduino Uno.
Camera view viseo (

I’m stuck since I do not fully understand C++ yet.

Should I stick with 2 arduino’s and try to communicate, or try and get 1 program to run both with some sort of PID loop, subtracting / adding the Gyro/IMU output and the Joystick position…HELP…

What are you going to mount the camera on? How much will it be moving?