Help with micro maestro. Servos range too short. Too fast

Brand new to using Pololu boards.
Just received the control board and have it up and running.
I have 4 servos running presently but they’re rotating way too fast with little degree of back-and-forth rotation. Hoping to get help setting up the board so all the servos.
Im pretty clueless on the various settings.

Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.


You can configure the speed and acceleration of each servo channel from the “Status” tab. A value of 0 means no limit, 1 is the slowest it can be, and it gets faster as the value increases. Please note that the values in the “Status” tab are volatile and will be reset whenever the controller is power cycled. You can configure the speed and acceleration for each channel in the “Channel Settings” tab as well, which will essentially change the default values used (i.e. the speed and acceleration values configured in the “Channel Settings” tab will be applied on power up and used for all subsequent movements after the first unless they are changed). You can find more details about the channel settings, including speed and acceleration in the “Channel Settings” section of the Maestro user’s guide.

The range of rotation is dependent on the servo, but you can generally extend the signal to get the servo to travel further. However, it is possible to command the servo to a position that is beyond it’s physical limitations, which could cause it to damage itself, so you should be careful when doing this. You can find more information about how to do this safely under the “FAQs” tab of the Micro Maestro product page, under the “How do I use my Maestro servo controller to get the maximum possible range of motion from my servo?” entry.


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Ok Great. Thank you!

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