Help with Jrk 12v12 and gear motor with feedback

I am also having a problem with the 12v12 motor controller. If I have the Gear motor with feedback, am I still able to get to motor to run and not use the encoder? Maybe use the potentiometer as feedback into the controller. Hooked everything up correctly to my understanding but didn’t work. Any help?


Hello, skatereno.

I split your post in to its own topic because it is unlikely that you were having the same problem as the customer in that other topic.

Your post is missing most of the information people would need to help you. What motor do you have? Could you provide a link to a website or datasheet about it? How did you hook everything up? What do you mean by “didn’t work”? What is the behavior of your system and how does it differ from the expected behavior? Also, what is your goal: do you want to use some kind of feedback?

I suggest you read this post: Read Before You Post: General Advice for Getting Help.