Help with designing enclosure

Any suggestions on how to design a box enclosure?
I don’t want to use glue as I"ll need to open the enclosure.
Was thinking of using tabs, but that might not be a secure enough.

Would like to incorporate machine screws as that would be ideal but am unsure on how to design that.
This is for an electronic project and it needs to opened from time to time,(batteries etc.).
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


It is possible to use tabs that are press-fit, but they can loosen over time and can be kind of easy to pull them apart. I used BoxMaker to do it once and it was pretty good. Make sure to look at the Advanced options because you probably would want to take the Kerf into account.

This article about making acrylic boxes provides a lot of helpful information.

- Ryan

Take a look at the Ice Tube Clock enclosure at adafruit. It uses the tab/machine screws idea you described.


Combination of tabs with T-slots for machine screws is the best. You can also use very long screws to hold front and back sides together, while top/bottom, left/right parts have tabs that go into front and back sides.
Basically front/back hold everything together, and long machine screws hold front and back. It could be a little tricky to put together as parts tend to fall while you trying to assemble them :slight_smile: