Help with choosing dual motors/gearbox

Hi :smiley:

I am making a dual motor driver robot. I’ve been looking at a few of Pololu’s products but I cant really decide which to buy.
I need speed and accuracy! Speed will definitely be a factor as it is a speed challenge. I’m going to run it with Arduino Mega (and TB6612FNG Dual Motor Driver Carrier if it can handle it).
The total weight of it will be around 2 pounds. The price is flexible, but it has to be worth it.
This one is probably the most promising of those that I’ve looked at. Can the TB6623FNG handle it? with stall current 3.3A but the driver only handles 3A? … maybe some other gear ratio?
This sounds ok. but it doesn’t look strong enough, or fast enough?
Is this an overkill? With no-load speed of 240 rpm it is probably not fast enough for me.

If I’d have to choose now i would probably take the 2 of the top one, but I would really accept some help choosing this from someone more experienced. What do you think ? :smiley:



I would recommend using two #1162 motors, but the TB6612 is underpowered for those. The more appropriate motor driver is the dual MC33926 motor driver carrier, but you could also potentially use one TB6612 motor driver per motor (each driver should have its two channels connected in parallel so that you can get 2 A continuous and 6 A peak).

- Ben