Help With Audio-Animatronics Project

Hello :slight_smile: I am working on a simple animatronics project that has the mouth move in sync with an audio file. I am using:

  • Mini Maestro 12-Channel USB Servo Controller
  • Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack: 6.0 V, 2200 mAh, 5x1 AA Cells, JR Connector
  • Power HD Standard Servo 6001HB

I am new to the Maestro Control Center software, so my question is:
Can I implement the audio file directly into the script and have the audio play from my laptop speakers as the mouth moves along? Thank you to anyone who responds.

Hello, MattK77.

I moved your post to the Servo controllers and servos section of the forum since it seemed more appropriate.

Unfortunately, the Maestro controllers do not have any special features for choreographing movements to an audio track and cannot play or read audio tracks directly. There are a couple of options for accomplishing movements synced to audio, such as using a third-party program like Brookshire Software’s Visual Show Automation or triggering the sound/track from the Meastro to a separate audio playback board and timing your sequence manually, which I describe in the last paragraph of this post . You can see an example of what can be done with the simple timing method (and some patience) in this diorama posted by Makidog.