Help with a project

Hi, I bought a sensor beacon from Pololu. I emailed your company about ways to hook it up to a Tamiya wall following mouse. I was told to use a micro controller and a motor driver;however, can I also use a motor controller? Also how would I go about doing this entire hook up to the beacon using the micro-controller and motor driver?

- James W. Holloway :question:


You might want to look at the sample projects, which show how to use the Pololu micro motor controller to make a simple robot:

You would use the wall-hugging mouse instead of the round robot chassis or the Lego chassis. Once you have your mouse moving under microcontroller control, you can easily add the IR beacon to make your mouse run away from or go toward the other beacon.

The Pololu motor controller is a pair of motor drivers with additional circuitry to make it easier to control motors from a microcontroller. You would write a program for the microcontroller that would read the beacon outputs and then send the appropriate commands to the motor controller.

- Jan