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Help with 3D Printer

So we’re building a 3D Printer and we ran into a few problems…Our Stepper Motor Driver Module got fried (We could smell it and it got really hot on the RAMPS 1.4 Controller). We already ordered more parts but we are wondering what could have gone wrong. When we first plugged in the 3D Printer we heard a crackle and a pop but we weren’t sure where.
We believe static electricity caused it to go snap crackle pop on us.
If anyone knows what could have gone wrong/ways to prevent it from frying again and what else that could have been damanged, that would be great!


It is not clear if you are using our stepper motor driver carriers, but one common way of damaging them is not setting the current limit correctly. If you are using one of our drivers you might find this video about setting the current limit helpful:

Also, since your driver was in a larger system, it might be hard to say whether something to do with the driver or how it was used caused the issue or something larger in the printer. If you have not already, you might try looking at discussions or posting yourself on a 3D printer specific forum like the RepRap forum.


I do not believe we are using those (We are using these guys https://www.amazon.com/Mcdectech-A4988-StepStick-Stepper-Driver-Printer/dp/B013NH7F0Y ).
I have just thought of it but we soldered pins to the RAMPS 1.4 controller and one of us burnt the board by accident. I think that is what could have caused it to go unhappy on us.