Help wiring a voltage regulator

Hi, I’m trying to figure out the correct way to wire a voltage regulator.
I’m going from a battery, to the voltage regulator, to a controller and then to a motor.
The voltage regulator (U3V16F15) has V in, gnd, and V out solder terminals.
Do I connect the red from the battery to V in and black from battery to gnd then black to controller from gnd and red to controller from V out? If not what is the correct way to wire this?

Thanks, Bill

Hello, Bill

Yes, it sounds like you are describing a good way to wire it. Essentially, the positive from your battery should go to VIN on the regulator, and VOUT from the regulator should go to the power input on your controller, and all 3 devices should have a shared ground connection.


Hi Brandon,

I need to clarify your statement as I’m not very familiar with electrical wiring.

When you say all 3 devices should have a shared ground connection, I’m not 100% sure what that means, since there are only the two wires coming from the battery and two wires going to the controller. I understand the V in and V out…but by connecting the black out of the battery and out of the controller at the GND of the voltage regulator does that create the shared connection you refer too?

Thanks again for your help.


All 3 devices (battery, regulator, and controller) should have their grounds connected together. So, yes, connecting the GND pin on the regulator to the ground connections for both your battery and your controller should work fine.


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Great, thanks for the clarification Brandon.

That’s what I came here to find. Thanks.
In the quadcopter community we have very capable and knowledgeable people in many fields. Most other products specifically made for the flight controller market have two pins for ground. Perhaps connected internally. I had to look to make sure both grounds went on the center pin on the 2843. Now to find out what the shdn pin does… Thanks again!

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