HELP VL5301 with multiplexer

Hi, I need help with small project to connect 4pcs of flight distance measurement VL530L to an MEGA board using multiplexer TCA9548A
I am really out of my field here, i need the wiring and the coding.

thanks in advance

Hello, strainger.

I moved your post to the sensors sub-forum, which is a more appropriate place.

Since it sounds like you are not very familiar with those boards, instead of trying to get a more complicated system working right away with multiple sensors, I recommend starting out by getting a single VL53L0X board working with your Arduino Mega. In particular, you should try running the Single example sketch from our Arduino library for . You can find a description of how to connect the sensor to your Mega under the “Using the VL53L0X” section of the VL53L0X product page.

One you have a single working VL53L0X, you should move on to individually testing the other 3 pieces. From there, you can then try to build your system by incorporating your I²C multiplexer.