Help to decide components - Line Follower

I’ll build a line follower for a championship. I really liked the Dagu Wild, and I’m thinking about making based on it, using 4 engines. However my line follower will not have the system of springs that we see in Dagu. The maximum weight for the car is 900g or 32oz. I made an estimate of torque, and 4 engines will be sufficient. I would like opinions about my idea, and recommendations of good microcontrollers and good speed controllers. I have no idea about which wheel to use, because the material of the track is painted chipboard. I’m new in the area of ​​robots, I would be very grateful for any help or opinion.


You might find this tutorial for a line follower useful. Line followers generally do not require a lot of processing power, so I recommend using a microcontroller you are comfortable with. If you are looking for a good beginner-friendly microcontroller, I recommend you use an Arduino UNO. For a motor driver, our MC33926 motor driver shield would work with the motor you selected and the Arduino UNO.

- Jeremy

I am a newbie about robotics. So i buy a starter robot kit and try to built myself something powerful. I think a starter kit is a good choice for someone don’t know exactly what components he