Help setup 1 DC motor with using RC controller

Hello and thanks for any help information needed want to control a one wheel using a DC motor with RC controller. It’s like a 3 wheeled cart and weight under 20 pounds and just to 2 servos and 1 dc motor… speed is not needed but more torc maybe 20 or 40 rpm and a dc controller that can plug n play .What is the lowest cost?


One of our 37D Metal Gearmotors would probably be the best option we offer for a system like that, but it is up to you to ensure that the motor you choose will meet your specifications and interface with your other parts. To help you with that, we include detailed specifications and dimension information on the product pages for all of our brushed DC motors.

Our G2 Simple Motor Controllers would be a good control option since they include an interface for connecting to an RC receiver. You should read the user’s guide “Connecting an RC receiver” section to learn more about that. If you use one of the 37D motors I suggested, then either the 18v15 or the 24v12 should provide plenty of power for your motor, and you can choose between the two based on your power supply’s voltage.