Help reading MiniMU-9 v5 (LSM6DS33 and LIS3MDL) using Windows 10 IOT (C#)


I’m trying to read my MinMU-9 v5 using windows IOT (C#) on RPI 2 with no luck.
It seems like I’m able to make connection but when I’m trying to read the data my buffer is empty (all items in the array are 0’s)

Can you please help me with example code showing how to read the device data using Windows 10 IOT c# code?


Hello, Eli.

I am sorry you are having trouble getting data from your MinIMU-9. We do not have any C# examples for doing that. However, if you post pictures of your connections and the simplest version of your code that you think should work but does not, I can take a look.